Trend Alert: Colored Stainless

Trend Alert: Colored Stainless


Five stylish ways to incorporate colored stainless steel into your home.

Stainless steel has long been the workhorse material of the home. Durable by design, it’s a product that can stand up to wear and tear, and look good doing it—its sleek silver shine is perfect for contemporary and industrial interior designs alike. Now, with colored stainless options available on the market, the design possibilities for this all-star material have opened up even wider.

Why designers love the colored stainless steel trend

It’s not hard to see the appeal of colored stainless steel. The material is durable and low-maintenance, and the fresh finishes offer a wide variety of contemporary, statement-making looks that can complement many different design styles. Plus, the reflective quality of colored stainless steel adds dimension and depth to a space, thanks to a rich sheen that embodies the qualities of more luxurious metals. Beauty and versatility: what’s not to love?

The big question, of course, is where to get started exploring the possibilities of colored stainless steel in your home décor. While stainless steel appliances and fixtures are already popular in the kitchen and bathroom, there’s an incredibly versatile set of potential applications for this material. From lighting selections to a statement-making railing design made with stainless steel spindles the options are almost limitless for embracing this trend.

Get the look: How to incorporate colored stainless steel into your home

IN THE STAIRWELL Spindles are the perfect way to incorporate colored stainless steel into a space. Finishes like Satin Rose Gold, Satin Bronze, Graphite Black and Satin Stainless can elevate a stairway and infuse a sense of luxuriousness in an eye-catching way.

A unique characteristic of the colored stainless spindle is how light reflects differently on the surface area of the round, square and rectangular tube spindles—this adds a sense of dimension and depth. The direction of the brushing, circumferential vs. longitudinal, affects the texture of the surface, so a square spindle in graphite black may appear entirely different than a round tube in the same color depending on the angle of the light.

Square, rectangular or round tube designs can each be incorporated in a unique way—into an industrial chic space, to enhance an internationally inspired room or to add a sleek, contemporary style element into a modernist home.

Not ready to commit to a full railing of colored stainless steel spindles? Try pairing your favourite style with simple powder coated tubes to create an interesting railing pattern that’s both cost-effective and striking.

IN THE KITCHEN Subtle bronze coloring on stainless steel appliances can give appliances a bit of a pop in a trendy white-on-white kitchen. (Image Credit: Whirlpool)

IN THE DINING ROOM A bold light fixture in colored stainless steel can be the perfect finishing touch above the dining room table—especially if it nods to the color palette of other stainless steel accessories.

IN THE BATHROOM In place of classic stainless steel fixtures in the bathroom, satin bronze can add warmth and glamor. Try this finish for faucets and taps, towel racks or for tub and shower fixtures...or in all three spots for a cohesive look.

IN THE BEDROOM Door hardware is a great opportunity to play with the colored stainless steel trend as well: a bold door handle and hinge set in a striking graphite finish, for example, can make a serious aesthetic impact.

Is colored stainless steel right for you?

Low-maintenance (just wipe with warm water, with or without a gentle detergent, rinse and wipe dry) and high-impact, colored stainless steel is certainly a trend worth trying if you’re looking for a finish that’s both versatile and beautiful. Whether in the stairwell, the kitchen, the bathroom or bedroom, colored stainless steel accessories will truly elevate a space.

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