Shipping & Handling

Shipping Locations

We stock a full range of products in both our British Columbia and Ontario warehouses. As a general rule orders are shipped relative to the proximity of our warehouses in order to provide faster transit times and favorable shipping rates. Our Customer Service team will confirm the shipping location at the time of order placement.

Cross-border and international shipping are easily arranged. We ensure accurate customs paperwork to facilitate efficient customs clearance.

Shipping Methods and Costs

Our well-established vendor relationships and negotiating strength has allowed us to extend the benefits of favorable shipping rates from preferred carriers to our customers. If you prefer we ship with your carrier of choice, please provide us with your carrier’s name and corresponding account number at the time of order placement.

Quality Assurance

As part of our commitment to dependable and reliable service, we inspect every product at time of receiving and shipping. Products are carefully packaged to ensure they are received damage-free and ready to install without downtime or delays. Select products receive up to three levels of protection; see Special Handling and Crate Fees below.

In the event of a defective product, it is understood that the Buyer will immediately discontinue its use and promptly contact our Customer Service team to determine a suitable option to prevent or minimize loss or cost to both parties. Bezdan will not be responsible for labor, direct and indirect expenses required to repair defective or inferior products. We will aim to resolve the situation equitably and efficiently.

Cutting Fee

If cutting is requested for moulded handrail and solid bar lengths, a fee is applied. These products will be cut to a rough measurement as specific measurements cannot be guaranteed.

Special Handling and Crate Fees

Select metal and glass railing products require special handling. Product lengths exceeding eight feet are carefully packaged with up to three levels of protection. Refer to our website or contact our Customer Service team for applicable special handling and crate fees.

Shortages or Discrepancies

It is the responsibility of the Receiver to notify Bezdan of any shortages or discrepancies within five business days of receipt of order. Otherwise, Bezdan cannot be held responsible.

Damaged Shipments

It is the responsibility of the Receiver to note any damage to the shipment on the Carrier’s waybill upon receipt of shipment. Failure to do so will remove the responsibility for loss, damage or shortage from the Carrier and Bezdan.

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