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Zipbolt™ Wood Fasteners
Innovative Assembling Solutions for Stairs and Railings

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  1. Zipbolt™ UT Mini
    ZB-10800 Zipbolt™ UT Mini
    Your Price$4.52CAD
  2. Zipbolt™ UT Angled Rail Bolt
    ZB-11550 Zipbolt™ UT Angled Rail Bolt
    Your Price$7.34CAD
  3. Zipbolt™ UT Maxi Mitre
    ZB-11600 Zipbolt™ UT Maxi Mitre
    Your Price$8.74CAD
  4. Zipbolt™ UT Mini Mitre
    ZB-11700 Zipbolt™ UT Mini Mitre
    Your Price$7.76CAD

Why choose Zipbolt™?

Zipbolt™ saves time and money with innovative fasteners for the most common joints in wood stairs, railings, cabinetry and furniture. An award-winning design and patented universal tool gearing system creates strong, durable and invisible joints for handrails, fittings and newel posts quickly and efficiently and in less time than conventional connectors. Disassembly is also easily achieved.


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