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NBC logoNew! Code Adoption: Alberta

Alberta has adopted the National Building Code 2015 articles pertaining to guard requirements and climbability. The new Alberta Building Code 2019 edition will be effective April 1, 2019. See updates to the code related to stairs and ornamental guards on page 18 here or refer to Alberta municipal affairs for more information.

Recent Code adoptions


Compliance Option: Manitoba

The Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC) in Manitoba will accept requests for the installation of cable railing and other ornamental railing infills.

  1. Find out if the OFC is the governing body in your jurisdiction. Applicable areas are highlighted in this document here. All other jurisdictions need to apply through their corresponding building official.
  2. Review the OFC requirements and procedures relating to submission for Alternative Solutions here.
  3. Submit a Request for Evaluation of an Alternative Solution. Download form here.

Increased Sales Opportunities for Industry

Builders, designers, and installers can now benefit from the economic opportunities associated with the freedom of choice in horizontal and ornamental railing designs, including TimeLine ready-to-install spindles, cable railing and ornamental metal railing.

Commendable Industry Efforts

Bezdan celebrates these changes, which have been subjected to a consensus-based, full code change process, recognizing nearly eight years of comprehensive and diligent voluntary effort by industry proponents. Consumers will now be able to enjoy guards that are safe, practical and aesthetically pleasing in the places they live, work and play.

Call for Action

As an industry professional, you can affect the rate of adoption in your jurisdiction by urging your local authority to accept the NBC 2015 changes immediately. Please find the NBC 2015 articles and link to contact your local authority.

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