Trend Alert: Frameless Glass Railings

Trend Alert: Frameless Glass Railings


Enhance space, keep views clear, and maximize light and sightlines indoors or out.

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Modern and sleek, simple and stylish: it’s easy to see why frameless glass railings are growing in popularity and showing up in homes and on patios across the country. Well-designed frameless systems provide quality, safety, and function in addition to a streamlined, statement-making look.

What’s all the fuss about? One of the most appealing things about frameless glass is its transparency: the panels won’t obstruct views or light, making it an attractive choice for creating an open and airy design inside or embracing the view outdoors. But frameless glass railing systems have other benefits: the materials are highly durable and resistant to chemicals and are incredibly low maintenance. Plus, frameless glass railings are easy to install and look amazing in residential and commercial settings alike.

Get the Look: Frameless Railings Outdoors

Because glass won’t obstruct sightlines, this style is a natural fit for outdoor use. Glass deck railings, glass balcony railings and glass pool fencing are great ways to maximize the functionality of this modern design. You can choose surface mount or fascia mount installation options to suit design preferences and framework requirements. Glass adapters, for example, are great space saving solutions that maximize sightlines with minimal hardware.

Q-railing frame less installation using fascia mount adjustable adapter

Photo credit: Q-railing

Paired with rustic brick, this modern frameless glass deck railing provides a beautiful contrast. Installed with stainless steel glass adapters that lift the glass panels so they stand off the fascia surface creating the appearance of floating glass railings.

Q-railing® frameless installation using fascia mount adjustable glass adapter

Photo credit: Q-railing

This glass railing, also installed with fascia mount glass adapters, leads the way from the indoors out to the pool deck, and lets plenty of natural light flow into the stairwell in the process.

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A base glass clamp holds up the frameless glass panels around this pool. This fence keeps the area secure while offering unobstructed views of tranquil waters or the kids splashing around.

Get the Look: Frameless Railings Indoors

Frameless glass railings can just as easily be incorporated into interior design: a glass stair railing or glass balcony railing can be a stunning statement. Residential and commercial designs can capitalize on the advantages of this style adding a modern or industrial twist into any space.

These stairs seem to float along with the glass panel railing, and black stainless glass adapters ground the whole design with an industrial cool edge.

Portland Japanese Garden

This frameless glass railing style is beautiful and functional without obstructing the sightlines.

Q railing Cross Bar Installation

Photo credit: Q-railing

This surface mount base shoe creates a frameless glass railing with a modern style that looks right at home with a more natural color palette. The simplicity and transparency of the glass on this windingstaircase,allows the beautiful stonework on the stairs to shine.

Products Picks


Stainless Steel Fascia Mount Single Adapter

A fascia-mount installation is a popular option to keep the glass panels safely in place. For the ultimate look of floating glass railings, these stand-off style glass adapters are the way to go, whether in stainless steel or a unique, eye-catching black stainless color.

 Glass Clamp

Glass clamps provide a surface mount solution for beautiful guardrails and windscreens. They are easy to install and mount on almost any substrate, indoors or outdoors. Available in round, square and oval forms in a beautiful satin finish. Clamps are available in alloys that can withstand harsh environments, ideal for pool and marine environments. These components combine elegance, quality, and durability.

Aluminium Mini Post

Mini posts with adapters offer a flexible solution as they can be mounted almost anywhere: whatever the substrate, indoors or outdoors. The mini post provides the safety required for a guardrail and keeps views clear. Choose a tone on tone look with a silver finish and stainless steel adapters or create some contrast with a black finish that allows the adapters to pop.

Stainless Steel U-Channel, #4 Satin Finish

The u-channel is a sleek and sophisticated finishing touch for a frameless glass railing. A subtle way to keep the openness created by the frameless style while providing the function of concealing edges, misaligned glass panels, and protecting glass edges from breakage. 


Stainless Steel Glass Alignment Clips, 180˚

In round or square designs for 90˚ and 180˚ applications, the functional and unobtrusive glass alignment clips keep glass panels plumb. The clips, specifically constructed for the alignment of the guardrail, include gaskets that sit neatly in a groove inside the clip during assembly for easy installation. Available in a beautiful #4 satin finish, these clips are a harmonious match to stainless steel components for a railing that will exceed expectations.

Is a frameless glass railing right for you?

Yes, we think so. The glass panels and metallic details—whether stainless steel glass adapters, base clamps or mini post suit the material palette of an industrial chic or modern luxe interior, but really, this minimalist look is so unobtrusive, it can look at home in virtually any situation.

Consider the frameless glass railing for your next home makeover, indoors or out and the endless design possibilities will be crystal clear. 

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